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Studio One and Faderport 8/16 Workflow with Macros and Keyboard Shortcuts

One thing I love to do is optimize my environment to work the best, fastest, and importantly, most fun way that it can.  I recently completed a series of setup changes in my workflow to get the best use of Studio One, the FaderPort 8 (in my case, though the FaderPort 16 would work the same way) by using Macros and Keyboard shortcuts.

 One of the coolest features I found when moving to Studio One from Cakewalk (Sonar) was the Macros.  While I probably don't get as much out of them as I could, I definitely use them and appreciate what they offer.  In fact, in many cases, what can be done with macros can make Studio One feel like new features have been added.

In the case of this particular workflow, I'm using a few things in tandem:

1. The Track and Channel filtering capability recently added to Studio One - allowing me to limit my tracks by searching for certain character combinations

2. Simple Macros that combine the track and channel filtering into a single action

3. Keyboard shortcuts that allow me to fire off those macros with a single keypress

4. The assignment of those shortcuts to my Logitech G910 keyboard and the related key colors to go with them so they are easy to recall

It took a lot of thought and trial and error to come up with this sequence of setups but once you have it put into place, it makes it very simple to hit a single key on the keyboard and have the exact view you want both on screen in the track view and in the mixer view and also to have that view mimic'd over to to FaderPort 8 or 167 without any additional effort.

I hope that you enjoy this video and process for creating this or a similar inspired workflow for yourself.

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