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Studio One 5.1 - Channel and Track Filtering

​The new version of Studio One is out - version 5.1.  There are a number of new features in this release, but one of the ones that initially eluded me as useful actually turns out to be a great DAW workflow enhancer.

I have used the feature called Scenes in Studio One for a while in order to bring certain tracks into exclusive view for a while now.  In fact, this was a cool new feature to me that appealed coming over from Cakewalk/Sonar.  

There wasn't anything like this in the Sonar DAW and it really made a simple way for me to show only the tracks that I was currently working on a reality.  I thought it was great and nearly perfect.  But the scenes done with this feature are "Static".  They rely on new tracks to be added manually to each scene.  

This new feature, called Channel or Track filtering actually allows you to search for channels or tracks.  Initially, this didn't really make me that excited but after thinking about how this could be used, I adapted it to my template and my workflow where now it renders my mix scenes useless and allows me to access groups of channels on both the screen and the FaderPort 8 (or FaderPort 16) with a simple single tap of a keyboard shortcut, even when adding new tracks.  These new searches work dynamically and when combined with Studio One Macros and keyboard shortcuts, they make getting to the exact tracks you want to see on your screen or midi controller a no-brainer.  

Check out my video on this new feature and how it can be added to your workflow.

Studio One 5.1 - Retrospective Recording
Presonus Studio One - Automation Quick and Easy

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Wednesday, 28 February 2024
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