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Music Stuff

In this section of the website, you can find information about music, computer applications for music, tutorial videos, and other things.  Cakewalk Sonar, Line6 products, and Roland vDrums are a few of my pasions, so I will focus on these primarily.Find reviews on existing or upcoming products here as well.

Web Stuff

I "do" technology for a living.  I co-own a small business doing website design, IT support, and computer training.  I hope to share things here that I don't get to on my company website, with a focus on Xara Designer Pro for graphics and websites and Joomla! for website development - specifically covering the Joomlart T3 framework.

Below you will find two videos, one made to show of the VExpressions Master Picks expansion pack of drum kits for the Td-20 brain and the other with the new TDW-20 expansion card for the Td-20 brain.  Both of these were just practice sessions, but show some of the flexibility of the Roland Vdrums brain.

If you are interested in this drum kit, it's basically the Td-20 kit with some upgrades like the TDW-20 expansion card, extra pads, and a few home made extras, like the rim triggers on the rack tom pads.  For thos who already have a Td-20 kit, I can tell you that the TDW-20 expansion card is VERY owrth the purchase.  The overall kits are better, and the individual samples sound a lot better as well.  Creating my own preset kits is much easier with this expansion.  Unfortunately, this card is no longer available, though you may find one on eBay.

If you are interested in upgrading your vDrums kit, you can now do that with the TD-30 module with even more great improvements.  You can get one here (and your purchase will help me and this site!): TD-30 at Zzounds

Watch and enjoy!

VExpressions Master Picks - from VExpressions LTD

TDW-20 Expansion Card for Roland TD-20 Brain

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