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Studio One 5.1 - Retrospective Recording

 Back in the days of a 4-track recorder, I was happy just to be able to record multiple tracks to a cassette recorder.  When DAWs came along, just expending on that simple 4-track concept was "good enough".  The new Studio One retrospective MIDI record option brings new capabilities to the forefront.

​It used to be that I was happy enough to be able to record multiple tracks and approximate harmonies, and play around with effects.  I never imagined that I would be able to record at the level that I can with a DAW such as Studio One (or even Cakewalk/Sonar) that I can today, let alone be able to record things when I hadn't even hit record or even record-enabled a track.  Back "in the day", I would have been happy to capture the part even AFTER I hit record, but this new ability in Studio One has taken that to another level: I can record MIDI parts even when I haven't hit record or even Record Enabled the track.  What an inspiration to getting parts down - being able to go back to recorded parts when not even expecting that the recording was happening.

This saves SO MANY things that would have been lost in the past.  Whether it was because of a bad punch range or just from forgetting to click the Record Enable button, this new feature will allow us to capture many new and inspirational ideas that we were sure that we had missed.  Technology ROCKS!

Check out my walkthrough video here:

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Wednesday, 24 July 2024
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