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This is a video showing the custom created kit I made on my TD-20 with the TDW-20.  This kit is called Phatty.  I created this video using my Droid Turbo phone (about 1 hour before it had an end-of-life experience with a faceplant to my wood floor.  This is now replaced with a Samsung S8 phone for future videos.

I also anticipate that this will be the last or nearly last video I create showing the TD-20.  I will be receiving my Mimic Pro unit hopefully next week and I anticipate posting many videos with that module in place.

That said, this is a just a practice session that I did with a focus on trying out my picture in picture options.  While you don't see them in this edit of the video, I was able to get them to work as hoped, so I will be able to get two video streams together in future shots, with the hope of showing off some module features.

If you liked this video or have any comments, please feel free to share with marking your impressions with the "reactions" below of leave your comments.  Please note that this is a non-perfect practice and I know it.  I have a lot of playing experience, but this was for fun, I don't have much in the way of lessons/training, etc, so if you have comments on technique, they will largely only serve to educate others.  If your aim is to insult me in the process, please don't.


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Saturday, 09 December 2023
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