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Another cover tune by a band you probably haven't heard of.  This is by a group called Believable Picnic.  They had two albums and this is from the second one, called Welcome To the Future.  This one was recorded and mixed using the Sonar Platinum application.  I used many features in the process of creating this that I haven't used before , such as Melodyne for a few pitch correction and timing things, the new(ish) automation lanes for taming some volumes automatically using envelopes, and the new (at the time of this writing) Adaptive Limiter across the master bus.

This is also the first song that I've really taken advantage of the Sonar feature called Pro Channel.  Rather than doing things with a bunch of individual plugins, I used the integrated ProChannel for EQ, compression, some console emulation, and a few other goodies.  I also used a drum bus (mix) and a room reverb bus (aux).

This is a v-Drums TD-20 with TDW-20 expansion drum kit; a new setup called Tight Maple 2.  I was after a more raw sound so that I could do my mixing "in the box" rather than using sounds that were complete coming out of the Roland brain.  Thuis was a fun song to hone in on as a practice in getting back into using my "studio space".

Un-boxing of db-25 to TRS and Behringer ADA8200


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Tuesday, 29 September 2020
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