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Which EQ? PreSonus ProEQ2 Explained

An EQ is a powerful tool for sculpting audio content to sound better than it originally did and for blending multiple tracks together so that they compliment one another.

This is the first EQ in this series, the PreSonus ProEQ2 that is included in Studio One.

When I started using music recording software, I wished for effects that would help me make my recordings sound like the CDs I listened to.  In the early days of DAW recording, these tools were generally either rudimentary or very expensive (and still not that great).  But with all technology progress, DAW manufacturers have moved forward in huge leaps to make the mixing environment at home or in small project studios rival, if not equal those of big-budget studios.  Now it's really up to the skills of the musicians and the engineer to get the sound great.  The tools are very capable and pretty easy to use, nice to look at, and sound great.  There is no longer an excuse.

In this example, I'm talking about the PreSonus ProEQ2​ that is included in Studio One Artist and Professional.  It's a multi-band EQ with a good looking graphical interface. It includes a Linear Low Cut with 20Hz, 50Hz, and 80Hz with Hard or soft curves.  There is also a Low Cut and High Cut, each with 6, 12, 24, 36, and 48dB/Oct modes and then a 5-band fully parametric EQ with any band able to be used at any frequency in the range.  The sound of the EQ is what you would expect.  There is no emulation here - just a real nuts and bolts EQ that boosts and cuts how you would expect it to with both narrow and wide Q available on the 5 bands to shape and sculpt your tracks to fit your mix exactly the way you need them to.

As with all other things Studio One, there is a lot of drag and drop, the automation of all of this EQ is easy to make work to your needs, and there are presets to get you started across many options, though I am not generally a fan of EQ presets since the recorded material is SO varied.

In the following video, I go into the interface of the ProEQ2 as well as show several examples ​of how this EQ can be used to manipulate some drum tracks recorded with a Pearl Mimic Pro.

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Wednesday, 24 July 2024
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