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Which EQ - Multiple Emulations

There are a TON of options for EQ.  This Blog continues the research into the question of "Which EQ Should I Use?" with a review of multiple emulated options

 In my last Blog, I discussed the PreSonus ProEQ2 and how it can be used to effect your audio.  I also discussed how we could utilize other options.  This post is about a few of those other options.  In particular, I'm going to be addressing some details about the EQ modules that can be added to the Fat Channel XT plugin in Studio One, or even if you have another DAW, how those plugins can be used in general. This is not intended to be a complete or comprehensive review of these units, the physical devices they emulate, or even specifically these particular plugins.  Instead, this is an examination of the kinds of plugins these represent and the numerous other manufacturers that exist out there of these kinds of EQ plugins.  As discussed in the attached video, this isn't about me telling you exactly which EQ you should be using for any particular program material, rather a dive into how to get your head around the ways that you can approach the question for your own use, your applications, your available plugin collection, or whatever.  This video is intended to help you focus on the options you have and how you can decide the applicability of the items in your own collection in addition to exposing a few of those options.

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Console 1 - American Class A (API) Channel Strip
Which EQ? PreSonus ProEQ2 Explained


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Friday, 21 June 2024
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