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Softube Console 1 Arrives (tomorrow)

​I cannot wait until tomorrow, August 23, 2019 - a Friday at that!  I will receive my Console 1 MkII.  I will be using this new device to hopefully make my mixing process faster, more fun, more consistent, and more inspiring.

Reviews coming soon! 

Certainly, the driving force behind getting this control surface is that I want to make my productions better and my hobby more fun, but part of that is the opportunity to create information about using the device and the related plugins for others who also want to get one but aren't sure if they should.  I know that part of my delay in this was the price (which I've gotten around some of by purchasing a like-new unit on eBay) but also because there are a lot of videos out there about the thing but I still had a lot of unanswered questions or just more curiosity, so I hope to be able to address some of those things.

I think the one thing that stood out to me as lacking (in general) was that there was a small quantity of reviews that focused on individual instruments and then the combination of them.  For example, many of the examples concentrated on Drum Mixes or even treatment of Drum Loops that were previously already processed and mastered.  I want to show how this works for a regular recording (in my case from a Pearl Mimic Pro) where the individual instruments are recorded without any additional EQ or Compression on the drum brain, and having the mix of those drums being done with the Console 1 and then augmented with the bus processing and the "glue" - then showing a real comparison between the original recording and the effected version.  

I hope to actually go back to a previous mix or two, remove all of the other channel-strip plugins (like ProChannel in Cakewalk Sonar or Fat Channel in Studio One) and re-address these with the Console 1 instead to see what I can really do compared to my past experiences.

Fun, Fun, Fun! 

I do this stuff because it is fun for me.  I don't make a living from it.  Heck, I generally don't make any money at all from it!  I'm not even really that good at it, for crying out loud!  I just enjoy it.  And one of the ways I enjoy it is by experimenting with new electronic and technical toys.

I hope that you will read this and follow my journey!

Softube Console 1 - A Brief Introduction
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