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Multi-track Drum Recording - for hire

‚ÄčIf you have been following my Blog or any my other online presence for any time, you know that I play the drums and specifically that I have E-Drums (or Electronic Drums).  I have been playing for many years and have done a ton of recording for other people over those years.

Now I am offering my drumming services to others over the internet.

How Does it work? 

I have a Pearl Mimic Pro as my drum module.  So, there are tons of sounds I can create drums kits that work with just about any mix you want, from small, tight kicks and snares, to giant Bonham style open huge kits.  You can specify how you want them to sound, or let me select what I think is most appropriate for the tracks you send that have recorded.

I record this discretely to multi-tracks and can do so in either Cakewalk by Bandlab or Studio One.  Realistically, these tracks can be used in any DAW, as I can deliver them in a WAV per track format if that's what you want.

My kit is setup so that I can record tracks as follows: 

  • Mono Kick (inside and outside mic mixed)
  • Mono Snare (top and bottom mic mixed)
  • Stereo Toms
  • Stereo Overheads
  • Stereo Room Mics
  • Separate individual mics on Ride and Hi-hat.

Of course, if you have different needs than this, I can accommodate those as well to a degree.

I can provide the MIDI and the separated Audio or both.

I also have a quality selection of plugins available if you want the drums to be mixed.  Not only do I have the stock plugins and some extras, I also have the Softube Console 1 with both the SSL 4000E emulation as well as the British Class A, which is a combination of Neve emulated devices.  Both emulations can be mixed and matched to produce the best and most appropriate result for your song project, so if it works best to use the EQ from the SSL and the Compression and Channel emulation of the Neve, that's possible.  These plugins sound excellent.  But if you want the tracks raw and with no effects applied, you can request that as well.

How much does it cost?

Of course, there are a ton of factors that can come into play on this, such as the length of the track in question, the complexity of the song, and other things, but in general, I can do a full song with the separated drum tracks for about $100.  This is payable via PayPal and is an introductory price.  The funds will be 50% down payment at the time the job is accepted and then the remainder at completion, with approval based on the samples provided with your tune in a mix.  

Interested?  Please let me know by Contacting Me

Console 1 British Class A - Intro
Angels or Devils - Dishwalla Cover


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