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From Here to There - Kevin Gilbert / Giraffe cover

An awesome Kevin Gilbert / Giraffe classic.  If you don't know who Kevin Gilbert is, you have some work to do.  Find anything you can of his, either with Giraffe, solo, Toy Matinee, or anything else you can find.  This guy was absolutely brilliant.  Made some really great, though provoking music with all sorts of other good musicians involved all the time.

I actually did this song many years ago (maybe 2008, using Cakewalk Sonar 7) when the Estate of Kevin Gilbert (RIP) was looking for fans to submit their cover songs for their official website.  I did that with this one and that site stayed alive for quite some time, but has since gone offline.  So, I saw a VLOG post (YouTube) from Tim Pierce talking about Kevin and the work they did on Toy Matinee and went to share this song with him and discovered that it never made it onto my website.  So here it is.

This was recorded with a Yamaha SW1000XG soundcard for all of the synth and electronic instruments and the Drums along with a Yamaha DS2416 (DSP Factory) card.  There were no other effects, there were no VSTs or VST instruments.  I had a cheap "Audio Buddy" preamp and my still-current Rode NT1 mic and Ovation 6-string and Fender Tele (also using the effects from the SW1000XG) for this.  It took a long time and some help from a friend to figure out the keyboard chords, which are likely somewhat wrong, but it was a fun song to make.  I still enjoy listening to the original that I covered this from, which was on the album "The View From Here".  There is another version of it on "The Shaming of the True" that was recorded later in his career that I don't like as much, though both are pretty cool.  Here's my take on it:

Presonus Sphere - The First 60 Days
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