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Three Tips to Optimize PC for DAW use

I bought a new computer.  This is the first time ever - I've always built from scratch.  But I found a good deal on a new one locally and was really over the idea of building it from parts and just wanted a working computer.  Even a well spec'd computer needs to be optimized - Especially for DAW use. 

This computer performed well out of the box, but even with its specs, when using for DAW recording, it still needed a little bit of tweaking to make it work like I wanted it to.  This video covers three things that made the MOST impact.  Of course there are others.

What I cover in this video is about 

1. Turning off Wi-Fi drivers if not needed.

2. Making sure that the Power Management is set for Performance mode and not Balanced.

3. Configuring the computer to prefer Background Processes over Programs.  This one made the biggest "one item" difference.

These are NOT new.  In fact, I've known them for years.  But when getting a new computer and not just upgrading generation after generation, it's easy to forget some of the basics like these - especially tip #3.

Enjoy my short video:

Cakewalk ProChannel vs. PreSonus Fat Channel
Cakewalk by Bandlab vs. Studio One in 2020


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Wednesday, 24 July 2024
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