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Whatever DAW you use - It's all about the workflow

This post  might not be as "fun" as many of the other things you find on the internet about recording, DAW production, etc, but I think it is a necessary thing to put in place for yourself.  The last video that I put up, I had some conversation with one of the viewers and he suggested that "Actually, I think you should do a video on this topic, setting up and personalizing your workstation and workflow.".  So I did and here it is.

Getting your workflow setup is not really a lot of fun, depending on who you are, but it definitely is worth doing and makes future work a LOT more fun when you already have it in place.  The things that you don't do very often, like setting up a new track, are already done for you with a lot of standard things you always use.  And really, it's also about understanding where you stuff is and how to use it  when you need it.  I kind of think of this like working on a home improvement project.  Having all of your tools right where you expect aen amnd actually Having the right tools to begin with makes the process a lot less frustrating, more productive, and even fun.  I don't really Love doing home improvement projects, but having to do them where there is a process of finding the tool, bringing it into the work area, going and finding another tool, bringing it, etc is very frustrating and not inspiring.  Now, I definitely enjoy doing work in my DAW more than home improvement projects, but the concept is the same.  Having the right tools and having them where you need them makes the process a lot more productive and fun.

I hope you will watch this video, get something out of it, and share your comments or at least a reaction with me either here or on my YouTube channel.

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Wednesday, 04 October 2023
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