Many of you know that I REALLY like the Softube Console 1.  I also use the Fat Channel in Studio One from time to time for specific functions.  The SSL Bus Compressor is one of those.  Cakewalk has an emulation of this in the ProChannel as well.  So I wanted to compare the two emulations.

To a certain degree, I like to compare for the sake of comparison.  I also like to play around with plugins to see how they work and how they compare to each other.  Since I'm primarily using Studio One for all of the audio I'm recording, the Cakewalk ProChannel cannot be used, but I still load up Cakewalk once in a while and as someone who likes to participate in the communities as well as know all of my options, I decided to do a comparison video between the ProChannel and Fat Channel SSL Bus Compressors.  Since the Console 1 only emulates the SSL 4000e CHANNEL compressor and not the bus compressor, I have started to look at my options for combining the two on the various busses.  

This video shows the differences in sound between these two compressors and also shows how the same settings in the two compressors have different results.  Not just in how they sound and the subtleties of this, but also how both units set to the same parameters can have very different results in both the sound and the "action" of the compressor.  I hope you find the information in this comparison/shoot-out useful and can put it into practice in your DAW.  Enjoy!