This video is some practice time on the "Origins" Preset kit (#44).  This is a tight kit with a layered kick (A 20" Ludwig + a 22" Pearl), a layered Snare (Hur 7 CST (?) + Pearl 5 CSM).  The toms are DW Maple, and a mix of Zildjian Hats and Soultone Crashes and Rides + a Sabian splash.

I recorded this directly from the Pearl Mimic Pro via DB25 cable to Sonar and changed nothing after the audio was recorded. The only modification I made was that at several points in the recording, I turned the Room mics from 0db to -inf, so you can hear the "dry" version of the kit vs that with the room. I did NOT remove the Overheads, so there is still some ambiance heard when the Room mics are turned down. You can pretty clearly hear when this happens in the recording. I did this because many folks on the forum have asked for various examples, so I tried to provide some variety here.

Please take a listen and comment or "react" below the video to let me know what you think.