My Console 1  has arrived

‚ÄčAs mentioned in my previous post, I bought a Softube Console 1 on eBay.  It arrived on Friday.  I got it setup on Friday night and played around with it a bit and then made this video last night as a quick introduction to the hardware and software.

‚ÄčThis video is a very brief (under 5 minutes) look at the hardware, the software/plugin, what its purpose is, and how it gets inserted and utilized within your DAW, in my case, this is in Studio One from Presonus.

Look forward to more of these coming in the near future as I get to play around with it and start to incorporate it in my recording workflow.

This is also the first use of my new Logo Stinger that I made so that I have something to intro my videos with.  Let me know what you think in the reactions or comments below and if there is anything in particular you want me to show about the Console 1 in future videos!