As you probably know by now, I'm a fan of the Softube Console 1 hardware and the associated software/VST effects.  This post is about the newest release to be added to the ecosystem.

The Lil FrEQ and the Mike-e are widely sought after hardware units that have come to not only software VTS versions, but also to the Console 1 platform.  Having these as additions to the collection will certainly be interesting and even maybe looked forward to by many in the recording industry.  These are popular pieces of hardware with a sound that is unique and highly prized by many.  In the video on this blog, I did a comparison between this new Console 1 addition and few of the other channel strips I have, specifically the included SSL 4000e and the British Class A (Neve).  As you will see in the video, my preference is still to the British Class A for its round, phat, thick sound vs. the more focused and sharp sound of both the SSL and even moreso Emperical labs offering.

I hope you enjoy this one: