The FaderPort 8 by Presonus is a VERY cool hardware device that can be used to control nearly any DAW, but works extremely will with Studio One.  In my last review of this hardware, I showed it in use with Cakewalk by Bandlab, but in this go-around, I've shown how much better it is in the native Studio One the meat of these.  

I might have taken a few liberties with the 5 Reasons, but I hope you will watch the whole video to get to the details of the matter: There is a ton of depth to this device and using it in Studio One.  Once you get used to putting this into your workflow, you will find how convenient and FUN a control surface can be.  Unlike some of the more generic devices, like the Behringer BCF2000 was before, this one is MADE to work with Studio One and makes it much easier to get into your workflow, establish a habit of use, and find the real value in having a controller like this.

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