This post is about the differences and preferences between Cakewalk by Bandlab and Presonus Studio One 5.  Read on for basics.


In November 2017, Gibson told all Cakewalk Sonar users that the product would be no more.  So apparently the "lifetime membership" was based on the lifetime of Gibson and not the lifetime of the user!  Eventually Cakewalk was purchased by Bandlab which gave it some new life.  By then, I (and MANY others) had already decided to move on.  But I have always had a loyalty to the Cakewalk products for as many years as I spent learning and using the Sonar products.

So this video makes a number of comparisons between the two products and why I think Studio One is overall better than Cakewalk for Bandlab.  But considering that Cakewalk is FREE, it has a LOT of value still. While my preference is now Studio One, Cakewalk definitely has merits.  I hope that watching this video, you are able to determine which application is the best fir for you and that maybe you've learned something by watching.

Check out the video here: